Vendor Booths

Old Shawnee Days Booth Information

Old Shawnee Days has three vendor booth categories. Prior to registering, please review the categories below. All booths are first come first serve. Please note that the Old Shawnee Days Society reserves the right to limit the number of booths in each category. Additionally, we reserve the right to limit the number of each type of vendor. All booths will be assigned a 10x10 sized booth in the festival grounds.

Booth Categories

Food Booths
:  This category is reserved for vendors who are selling food items. There are two sub-categories for Food Booths.
Non-profit food booths are a 501c3 organization. Food vendors in this category will provide their 501c3 certificate as part of the registration process. Examples include church groups and scouting organizations.
Examples of Commercial food booths in this category are restaurants and commercial food trucks. Food vendors in this category will provide a 501c3 certificate of their recipient organization as part of the registration process.

Product or Services Booths: This category is reserved for vendors who have a product or service they are selling. There are three sub-categories for Products or Services.
A commercial booth  is a vendor who has a business address that is separate from their home address, and displays branded products or services that are typically available through commercial outlets. Examples include plumbers, electricians, landscapers, etc.
A home-based business booth is a vendor who runs a business from their home address as part of a direct-sales organization. Their products or services are not typically distributed through commercial outlets. Examples in this category include Scentsy, Avon, Premier Jewelry, etc.
Handmade craft booths sell only hand-made products. Examples include wood workers, metal crafts, seamstress, etc.

Non-Revenue Generating Booths: This category is reserved for those who are not selling a product or service, but instead have the desire to promote a cause or wish to make others aware of their existence by handing out literature. Examples include political candidates, groups promoting social causes, organizations supporting humanitarian efforts, church groups, etc. Vendors in this category are not permitted to handout "give-aways" that are currently being sold by another vendor on the OSD grounds such as bottled water, face-painting, etc.
Booth Pricing
Booth Category  Price
Food Booth - Premium  $500
Food Booth - Commercial  $385
Food Booth - Non-Profit  $260
Product/Service - Commercial $410
 Product/Service - Home-Based Business $260
Product/Service - Handmade Crafts $210
Non-revenue Generating Booth $410